Good Morning! Last few days, you’ve seen post about @Fitdorks “Simple Guide to a Healthier You” has helped many feel good internally and externally. Well here’s another happy beauty J. Meet Jeslin (@Jeliface), she turning 30 this year and defending her dissertation and wanted to be happy when looking in the morning. She wanted to eat better but also enjoy life and not feel like she had to give up her ice-cream J. She joined the #FitCurveChallenge that was in the guide and here’s what she had to say about the challenge:


Client: Jeslin Harrigan                                                            IG Name: @Jeliface

Before Measurements:

Weight: 188 lbs

Waist: 34"

Low waist: 39"

After Measurements:

Weight: 180.6 lbs

Waist: 33”

Low waist: 37.5”

Before #FitCurveChallenge:

My name is Jes and I'm ready to commit to a healthier me. My problem has always been consistency, self-motivation and emotional eating! Consistency is the big thing... I've lost 20lbs at one point and gained it back. I started practicing yoga at one point. And then stopped. I can't keep living my life like that. I am turning 30 and defending my dissertation this year so it's time to stop playing games. I want to invest in myself and be completely happy when I look at me... Like.. "I worked hard for this". I want to start eating healthy and find that perfect balance that I am able to manage because I'm not saying that I never want to have cheese or ice cream again... I just want to want green smoothies more! Lol 

After #FitCurveChallenge:

Thank you so much Lady Dork! Your book was easy to follow and really broke things down and helped me feel prepared to take control of what I eat. This challenge showed me that consistency and clean eating is everything! I was determined because I had a goal set and I wanted to really SEE what could happen. Some days I "cheated" and felt bad but I kept going and didn't get hung up over that. Overall I felt great, I had a lot of energy and I honestly didn't snack as much as I thought I would. It got to the point where I was eating 3 clean meals a day and would feel satisfied in between them.   I did have to do a lot of self-talking to make sure I stayed on track, so mentally/emotionally this could be tough. Having a goal really helps! I definitely plan to keep this up and I am so thankful to have been a part of this.

Written by: Sanaa Jaman