Everyone’s “health” journey is different. Many want to lose weight and are fascinated with results that provide such. Well, there are others that don’t want to lose weight but want to work on other things to keep them healthy. Being healthy starts within you, its all about what happens inside of you and sometimes it shows on your body. But here’s a case where Charise (@letseewhthappens) didn’t necessarily want to lose weight but want to be internally healthy. Join the #FitCurveChallenge by getting the @fitdorks “Simple Guide to A Healthier You” from www.fitdorks.com/guides

Before Measurements:

Weight: 122lbs

Waist: 27"

After measurements:

Weight: 117.4lbs

Waist: 26"

Before #FitCurveChallenge:

I was inspired to take this challenge for numerous reasons with number one being my health. I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 29 (I'm 36), shortly there after I started taking medication to control my blood pressure. Fast forward 7 years, I'm on a host of medication and tons of supplements, I have no appetite (imagine all those meds/vitamins on an empty stomach)...long story short I feel crappy. I started doing some research on the immune system and found that the majority of my issue can possibly be corrected with exercise and diet. I mastered the exercise last year and that has been extremely helpful but I get so overwhelmed when it comes to proper nutrition and diet. I think the materials; the guidelines and hopefully the camaraderie that comes with challenge with be the assist that I need to kick this lifestyle change into action!! Thank you so much for the opportunity...can't wait to see what happens.


After #FitCurveChallenge:

I'm a little bit bummed that challenge is over...you're my "IG Beyonce" Lol!!

First, let me just say thank you for choosing me. The challenge was definitely a "challenge" for my sugar/candy/junk food loving self, but I was determined not to fail. There were several days I was unable to get to the gym (lupus would not allow) so I just did the 15-minute workouts at home. I feel great, so much lighter overall. I didn't lose a huge amount of weight (didn't really want to) but I feel like I look a little leaner. My skin is clearer, I only want to drink water these days and don't get me started on the daily pooping (sorry) but I never knew what I was missing by not moving my bowels everyday...I literally feel FREE!!! I will certainly be sticking to eat, making clean eating more of a habit and eventually a lifestyle. Thanks again for being such a great inspiration/motivator. Keep up the good work, I wish much success in all that you...THANK YOU!!


Written by: Sanaa Jaman