Why choose organic?

There are many reasons to choose organic. Two major reasons are; refusing to ingest or have your family ingest pesticides, and they are more nutritious than non-organic fruits and vegetables.

Would you ever consider eating an apple after it has been sprayed with Raid? Well pesticides have the same purpose as Raid, to kill and deter pesky insects. I don't know about you, but if an apple got a little Raid on it, I'm not washing it off, I'm throwing it in the nearest trash can.

A recent article published by NPR cites different studies that continue to prove that organic food has more nutrients then their non-organic counterpart. So when you save 50 cents a pound on the cheaper non-organic tomatoes or grapes, you aren't just ingesting leftovers from the pesticides used, you are also cheating yourself out of all the nutrients you could be eating, not to mention most organic products simply taste better.

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