Many of you have purchased the Fitdorks' Simple Guide to a Healthier You. Hopefully by now you feel motivated to start your journey to a healthier YOU. We as a team have 28 days to accomplish one goal and it’s to make you healthy! For many people this can mean different things. It can mean mental, emotional or/and physical health. Whatever your goal may be; changing your diet will get you closer to it!

            Before we can get to how we can help accomplish your health goals; you must understand why we created the guide in the first place. Our main purpose of creating this guide is to help as many people as possible make healthier choices when it comes to food. We wanted to provide something  that was simple and informative but not overwhelming for the reader. With all the information provided online, it’s hard to figure out how or what to eat!

            We, also wanted to create something that would help you be in control of what you eat! Many books/guides/programs have “meal plans” and we personally are not a fan of such. Yes they are good and come in handy but they get boring after awhile and many fall off track! The reasons for that it’s because it’s someone else’s plan not YOURS. So with that being said, the guide’s aim is to provide you with information to help you become independent with your food choices! We want you to have full creative control of what you eat! We want you to be able to re-create your current favorite recipes with healthier alternatives. That way your meals wont be boring! The goal is to keep the same flavors of your old recipes with healthier foods!

            I hope after reading the guide that you gained a better understanding of what “clean eating” is! And that once you get the hang of it, it becomes part of your lifestyle and not feel like a diet to you!

            Here are a few tips that we suggest  that may help you through the #FitCurveChallenge:

·      Write down your health goals. This will help remind you of where you’re trying to go with this challenge. Write down what your health goals are so that you can stay focused throughout the challenge. Have this note accessible to you so you’re able to see it regularly.


·      Create a support system. This is very important! You should tell your family and close friends or even your co-workers that you are on this journey and you may need their help in supporting and keeping you on track! Tell them how much this means to you so that they can help you! It really makes the challenge so much easier!

·      Read the guide over and over!  Read the guide over and over again so that you understand and comprehend the key points of eating clean. You might have to take down some notes to remind you!

·      Write down your typical meals. We suggest that you write down what your typical daily meals for the week. All your meals including your snacks. Take a close look at them and pick out what is not healthy about them. Take those unhealthy foods out of your meals and write them to the side.

·      Substitute your foods. If the foods you took out in the previous step are some of your favorite foods, then read over the substitution chapter and see what you can substitute those foods with.

·      Make sure you have enough food! One of the biggest things that will happen to you during this challenge is that you will get hungry! This is great! That means that you’re increasing your metabolism and your body needs its fuel! Remember in eating clean, it’s not so much about how much you eat but what you eat! You want to make sure you keep healthy snacks handy so you don’t head over the vending machine or eat junk food!

·      Fruit! If you’re low on energy, eat some fruits! The natural sugar in fruits should keep you going throughout the day!

·      Say NO to cravings! Because you’re use to eating a certain way, you will crave the foods you use to eat. You have to remind yourself why you started this journey to begin and where you’re headed. The first two weeks will be hard but it does get easier after. Remember your health goals!


·      DRINK WATER! This is very important! Drinking at least 2L of water a day will help you shed water weight quickly! Most of our weight is water weight! And by drinking water, you will get rid of it!

These tips should help through the challenge and keep you on track! Remember that this journey is for you! The first two weeks are going to be tough but it gets easier after so just push through those first two weeks!

WE got this!