We have all heard of this idea that people can be addicted to sugar. At first it seems a little looney, but the recent death of A Tribe Called Quest member, Phife Dawg from diabetes at the tender age of 45, made me think. Diabetes is not a death sentence rather a wake up call to change your lifestyle to allow for a longer and more healthy life. In an interview some years back

Phife Dawg admitted to being addicted to sugar and not being able to stop consuming it. Did you know there have been studies proving that sugar can stimulate and generate pleasure sensations in the brain similar to that of cocaine and heroin? While everyone who enjoys a soda or candy may not be addicted to sugar, the pleasure it provides may be unhealthy and difficult to break.

Breaking up with sugar can be difficult and take time. When I first began my quest to limit my sugar intake I started with one simple rule, "Do not drink anything that is artificially sweetened." I did that for a few weeks and found it to be a lot easier than I thought. This meant I would have juice or water and skip the Gatorade or soda. After a while to learn what foods had sugar added and which didn't. Learning how and what to eat takes time and dedication.

Here are 13 suggestions on how to limit your sugar intake.

13 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings