Meet Dy, who was willing to begin the #FitCurveChallenge with me and give it her all. She read the @fitdorks simple guide  and took those tools to help her during this journey. The guide was created to show her how eating better is the key to getting a flatter tummy. I was so pleased and happy to see her progression She lost weight and inches around her stomach with changing her eating habits in 4 weeks.

Client: Dy Ferguson                                                                      IG Name: dy.ferguson

Age: 38

Location: Fort Walton Beach Florida

Occupation: Mother of two (15yrs and 13yrs), United States Airforce Technical Sergeant, Administrative Support


Health Goals: Become a healthier version of myself.  Weigh a healthy 125lb, consistency in my healthy eating habits, consistency in my yoga practice and fitness routine.


Before Measurements:  

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 145lbs

Bra Size: Full 34D (fastened on first snap)

Arms: 12.5in

Forearms: 9in

Waist: 29.5in

Below Waist/Mid/Navel: 33in

Below Navel: 36in

Hips: 41in

Thighs: 23in

Calves: 13in

Ankles: L – 8.5in R – 8in



After Measurements:

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 141lbs

Bra Size: Loose 34D (Fastened on second snap)

Arms: 11.5in

Forearms: 9in

Waist: 29in

Below Waist/Mid/Navel: 31in

Below Navel: 33in

Hips: 40in

Thighs: L – 22in R – 22.5in

Calves: 13in

Ankles: 8in


Reason why you want to start the #FitCurveChallenge:

I want to start the #FitCurveChallenge because I need assistance with staying on track with my healthy lifestyle. On a scale of 1-10 I would say my healthy lifestyle is at a 5-6.  I eat well for the most part, practice yoga, and love to run.  My main problem is inconsistency.  I finally came to the realization that I need the support from someone other than myself.  After reading the “Fitdorks’ Simple Guide to a Healthier You” eguide, I knew that this challenge would be the right fit for me.  The goal is to slim my belly down, define my muscles a little more, consistently practice the eating guidelines provided, and get as close to 125lb by the end of the challenge.  I also believe that getting better control over my eating habits will help me become more consistent in other areas of my life; my eating habits are my biggest challenge!  Thank you for what you’re doing for women.


After #FitCurveChallenge review (how it made you feel physically, mentally and emotionally):

This was an excellent program that really works.  I didn’t lose a lot of weight but there is a significant loss of excess from my arms and waist.  The most important thing for me was establishing a better relationship with food, and being more consistent with my eating habits, as well as fitness.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (after that initial first week).  The first week was definitely a challenge.  I feel better mind, body, and spirit after completing the 28 days.  I had the privilege of receiving personal assistance from Sanaa (aka @ladydork) and having her encouragement was just the right amount of support I needed.  I slipped up a few times (and my body rejected the process foods I thought I wanted to eat), but overall I am completely happy with the results.  The beauty of this program is that it’s not a diet. I was never hungry.  I never felt as if I was missing out. This program teaches you how to eat better; and what you learn can’t be undone.