Meet Taryn, who was willing to begin the #FitCurveChallenge with me and give it her all. She read the @fitdorks simple guide  and took those tools to help her during this journey. The guide was created to show her how eating better is the key to getting a flatter tummy. I was so pleased and happy to see her progression She lost weight and inches around her stomach with changing her eating habits in 4 weeks.

Client: Taryn                                      IG Name: @taryn.vinet

Age: 29

Location: Midwest

Occupation: Graduate (Doctoral) Student | Educator  

Health Goals: Overall, I would love to deepen the connection of my mind, body, and soul. To help accomplish this goal, I want to become more discipline with my eating habits and maintaining a workout routine. I would also love to lose my belly fat, thus eliminate negative self-talk/beliefs regarding my body image.

Before Measurements:

Bust: 34”

Waist: 31”

Hips: 36.5”

Reason why you want to start the #FitCurveChallenge:

The year 2012 marks the beginning of my spiritual awakening journey. Therefore, I am beginning the #FitCurveChallenge to continue to enhance my wellness/self-care practices. Recently, I became aware of the types of food I was consuming.  As a result, I have been trying to eat better and maintain a workout routine. However, as a doctoral student, I often struggle with maintaining healthy eating habits such as eating more than 1-2 meals a day and avoiding selecting unhealthy food items out of convenience. Along the same lines, I need help with maintaining a workout routine. Although I am small (which made me a bit apprehensive about beginning the challenge), my metabolism has slowed down tremendously and I have belly fat. I have been struggling to lose my belly fat for over a year, so I am hoping that this challenge will help with that as well.

After Measurements:

Bust: 34”

Waist: 30”

Hips: 35.5”

After #FitCurveChallenge review (how it made you feel physically, mentally and emotionally):

The #FitCurveChallenge lived up to its name. While it was difficult, it was by far the most rewarding experience I’ve had to date. I was a little apprehensive to join the challenge for a number of reasons (i.e. afraid that I was not going to be able to adhere  to the plan and worried that people would say, “you’re already small” or “you don’t have belly fat”), but I am happy that I decided to join. Because of the steep learning curve and sudden need to break habits, I quickly realized that this challenge required a huge mental shift. Prior to this challenge, I would put work before eating, rarely ate breakfast, and struggled to maintain a healthy living routine (i.e., workout and diet). I learned that I was not a priority in my own life. It is crazy (and very unfortunate) how we put others and life’s demands before our own health and wellbeing. In addition, the #FitCurveChallenge allowed me to see that eating clean is truly a lifestyle. This entire challenge helped me to become intentional with my food selections and I love experimenting with new recipes. As a result of this challenge, I have gain so much clarity, let go of a lot, and become more grounded in my spiritual goals. Lastly, the changes were not only internal, but also external (i.e., belly fat).  My mind was blown after looking at my before and after pictures. Although small, it was progress and I’m ECSTATIC! After seeing the results of the past 28 days, I am motivated to continue with this lifestyle. I am truly thankful for this challenge and I appreciated having the opportunity to work closely with you!