The journey to live a healthier lifestyle doesn't mean you have to count calories all day every day, rather you need to understand how many calories and whether or not what you are choosing to put in your body has any nutrients.

One example is when eating out to try to choose pasta dishes which are tomato base and avoid cream sauces. Cream is high in calories but more importantly extremely high in fat!

Today posts focuses on the calories in what you drink. For most of us juice, soda, coffee and sports drinks are for taste and preferences and not for nutritional purposes. Limiting these drinks or choosing water could help significantly in achieving your weight and health goals.

Think I'm lying? Read about NBA veteran Caron Butler who said he lost 11 pounds the summer he gave up Mountain Dew. He was an NBA player who worked out multiple hours a day and he still lost significant weight by changing what he drank.,198240

Wonder how many calories are in what you are drinking? The following are calories for 12 oz of fluid:

165 calories in Orange Juice

146 calories in Sprite (a can)

190 calories in a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks (tall w/ 2% milk)

190 calories in a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks (tall w/ 2% milk)

80 calories in Gatorade (most flavors)